2018 Annual Report

//2018 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

It is with an immense amount of joy that I officially announce the first year anniversary of The Panacea Project today 17th December 2018. Twelve months ago, a group of 12 young but passionate individuals gathered themselves in a room at the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital, Ibadan, and brainstormed on how to orchestrate appositive turnaround in the fortunes of our dear continent Africa, starting with their most immediate community – Ibadan. 365 days on, we are indeed proud of the footprints we have left behind in the sands of time but also recognise that although we are on the right path, there remains a mountain of work to do, to achieve our goal.

This last one year has been as eventful as anyone could have expected for a newly formed organisation. We have had our fair share of challenges which we have overcome with grit and grace as well as our small and big wins, all for which we remain of good cheer. In all these however, we cannot but be thankful for the support we have received from our friends and family, partners, advisers, volunteers and the general public who consistently trust our vision for change and help us implement it.

As this season is one of double delight involving the Christmas celebrations, it remains a period of introspection for us as we look back at the last 52 weeks and take stock of our dealings, we invite you to join us in identifying the most pressing challenges of our society and collectively proffer workable and sustainable solutions to them. Going into our second year, we would need the continued support of our burgeoning community of ‘Panaceans’  as we increase the scale of our impact and expand the scope of our activities.

Let’s do more together!

Folajimi Adesanya
Chief Administrator
The Panacea Project
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