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Mr. Oniyide Segun

Segun Oniyide is a 4th year Medical Student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is currently the Director of Publicity at Junior Chamber International Nigeria (JCIN) University of Ibadan Chapter – being a ‘Jaycee’ which empowers him to be an active citizen in his local community. He is an astute leader and a great team player, currently serving as second time Majority Leader / class representative of the 4th year medical class / constituency in the hallowed senate of the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association. He is also the Chief Whip of the same hallowed chamber. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur – a creative graphic designer with the brand name ‘Designed by SegunFlames’ and through it has successfully completed graphic design projects for social outreaches such as Fertility Awareness Month under Beibei Haven Foundation, Breast Cancer Awareness Month under the Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA) where he currently serves as Design Manager of the 32nd FAMSA general assembly and Scientific Conference organizing committee. He has volunteered for and helped organize Community Health Awareness Programs (CHAPs) under the University of Ibadan Medical Students Association. His interests range from graphic designing to dancing and gaming. He is passionate about mental health among teens and an advocate of adequate support systems.