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To create a common ground for the expression of revolutionary ideas that would drive the positively transformation of the African society


To create a platform where African youths proffer workable solutions to societal challenges problems


The Editorial Board welcomes articles that showcase indigenous African problems while highlighting possible ways of solving these problems. Writers could make use of inspirations from other African countries or nations in other parts of the world. Articles could take any form namely: prose, poetry, interviews, press releases, communiqués, project reviews to mention a few. Video submissions may be accepted at the discretion of the Editorial Board.


Please refer to the following before making your submission:

  1. Submitting articles to The Panacea Project Blog does not in any way guarantee that the articles will be reviewed, accepted or published. Also, you understand and agree that The Panacea Project Blog may edit or rewrite your article(s) for grammar, punctuation, style, or
  2. You must hold all original copyrights to the articles submitted or you must have obtained written permission from the copyright owners. Permission from people about their information and picture included must be obtained. Images not shot by you or articles cited must be appropriately
  3. Do not submit racist, sexist, violent, defamatory, abusive, accusatory, tribalistic, profane or hateful articles about a person, group of persons, country, movement or
  4. The Panacea Project Blog reserves the right to edit or remove any statement or photograph that are: in violation of personal privacy, unnecessarily graphic, defamatory, vulgar or profane, threatening, illegal, promoting unethical or dangerous behaviour or practices, plagiarized or culturally as well as racially inappropriate or insensitive or politically
  5. You are required to credit The Panacea Project Blog, if you republish your article either in whole or in part and in any Also, if you distribute your article in print, it must clearly be identified as an excerpt from The Panacea Project Blog.
  6. You hereby grant The Panacea Project a non-exclusive, free right to display, reproduce, disseminate, adapt, modify, annotate, archive, and otherwise use your submissions for any purpose as determined by The Panacea Project including: promotions and advertising. This grant extends to all submissions. Furthermore, you grant The Panacea Project the right to associate your name, image and biographical data in connection with your submissions.
  7. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will lead to withholding of articles, removal of articles and cancellation of membership.